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Invitation for Region V

Hi, brothers!

Alpha Alpha Pi chapter of Westminster College would like to invite everyone in the region to a day of service and fellowship with us. Formerly, we held an annual spring service project called Canoe-A-Thon; however, it is no longer working as a service project, so we'd like to make it a region-wide fellowship event, and we'll throw in a service project, too.

The current date for this event is Sunday, April 30, which is somewhat short notice on our part, but I hope that you and your chapters will consider coming! The idea grew out of the Section 64 Conference, so we're trying to make it happen! We are going to be having canoe races on our campus lake, and we'll have other fun events ready to go as well.

Please plan on bringing $2 per person with you, just so we can cover the cost of food and drinks for everyone. We'd like to start the event at 1 p.m. and could go until 6:30 that evening.

If you could please give me some idea of how many from your chapter to expect by Wednesday, April 26, that would be wonderful! My email is

Please pass this information along to your chapters!

Look forward to a day with you all,

~Jaimee Davis
Alpha Alpha Pi, Westminster College

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