kathy (ka3ytl) wrote in apor5,

Community Information

Since I just posted in alpha_phi_omega about this community, I figure now is a good time to do the community rules/policies thing.

Anyone is welcome to join this community. We have open membership. Only members may post to the community and it is a moderated community. The wonderful docjeed and I (ka3ytl) are your moderators and maintainers. We try to stay up on things. To be honest, this is a fairly slow community. In general, the first time that you post something it will be kicked over to us for approval. Assuming it is fairly relevant we will approve it. For the most part, you can expect approval within 24hrs. At this point, you will likely be placed on unmoderated status. We figure that you all are adults and that we can trust you to do the right things. This does prevent little Susie Spammer from joining the community and then spamming it.

If we discover (and we will) that you are abusing your right to post to the community, you will be placed on moderated status again. You don't want us to have to do that and we really don't want to have to do that.

(relevant topics would include, but are not limited to: Events happening in R5, events at your Chapter, Events happening throughout the fraternity that you think people would want to attend/be interested in, etc. If you are not sure, then ASK :))
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