Mike Reed (docjeed) wrote in apor5,
Mike Reed

NSW Reporting Status

Hi Brothers,

As of today, 15/50 chapters have not reported their National Service Week accomplishments to the National Office. If you or your chapter has not, please do this ASAP. You can use http://members.apo.org/service/index.php if you like.

The list of chapters unreported is as follows:
Beta, University of Pittsburgh
Zeta Kappa, Bowling Green State University
Lambda Tau, Salem International University
Mu Chi, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Tau Alpha, Davis & Elkins College
Upsilon Beta, Saint Francis University
Chi Sigma, Allegheny College
Alpha Alpha Mu, Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Alpha Alpha Chi, Fairmont State College
Alpha Beta Rho, University of Pittsburgh-Bradford
Alpha Gamma Omicron, Heidelburg College
Alpha Gamma Upsilon, Carlow College
Alpha Gamma Phi, Northern Kentucky University
Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Alderson-Broaddus College
Alpha Epsilon Iota, Xavier University
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